Statutory Warranty & Manufacturer's Guarantee


We offer the statutory warranty on all our products, which is normally ensured via the seller of the products. In addition, we offer a manufacturer's warranty for some products. Below you will find an overview of the type and duration of the guarantee and warranty promises for the various product groups. Whether you would like to make a statutory warranty or manufacturer's guarantee claim, please feel free to contact us.

Manufacturer's Guarantee, Statutory Warranty and Exclusions

1. go-e GmbH grants

  • a 36 months* manufacturer's guarantee for go-e Charger Gemini series
  • a 24 months manufacturer's guarantee for go-e Controller
  • a 24 months statutory warranty for go-e Charger HOME series
  • a 24 months statutory warranty according to the Austrian warranty law for the go-e accessories

against material and functional defects in accordance with the following conditions. The manufacturer's  guarantee and statutory warranty period starts from receipt of the goods after the first purchase of the product from go-e or a reseller. The manufacturer's guarantee is in addition to the statutory warranty and does not limit it.

2. The manufacturer's guarantee and the statutory warranty are only valid on presentation of proof of purchase stating the date of purchase.

3. In the event of a manufacturer's guarantee or statutory warranty claim, the customer has to inform go-e GmbH immediately in text form to complain about the defect. In the event of a justified notice of defect, go-e is obliged to improve or replace the goods as soon as possible or to arrange this. In the (justified) case of the return of the defective product to go-e, go-e will bear the costs incurred. If, in the event of a guarantee or statutory warranty claim, it becomes apparent that the device needs to be replaced, the customer waives ownership of the previous device from the date of return shipment and the new device simultaneously becomes the property of the buyer. This transfer of ownership also applies if, as a gesture of goodwill, a device is replaced outside the guarantee and warranty period at reduced conditions. If a defect that is justifiably notified within the guarantee and warranty period concerns a permanently installed charging station, go-e GmbH will send the customer a replacement box and will pay a total of up to 70 euros of the electrician’s costs incurred in uninstalling the defective charging station and installing the replacement unit. In any case, evidence in the form of an invoice has to be provided. For safety reasons, the disassembly of an allegedly defective, permanently installed go-e product may only be carried out by a qualified electrician. Before dismantling the product, always contact go-e’s technical customer support and wait for its decision on the further procedure for handling the service case. Repairs may only be carried out by the manufacturer go-e. For repairs not carried out by go-e, there shall be no claim to reimbursement of costs under the guarantee.

4. In the event of incorrect storage, use or installation/mounting by the buyer/installer and resulting damage to the product or other technical defects caused by the buyer/installer, the guarantee and statutory warranty shall expire. In this case the buyer bears the shipping costs. This applies especially if the product is not operated with a special original adapter manufactured by go-e GmbH or is used for other purposes than those specified by the manufacturer.

5. The manufacturer's guarantee and statutory warranty also expires in the event of any modification or opening of a go-e product or if there is no proof of installation by a qualified professional. (e.g. commissioning certificate)

6. go-e GmbH shall make every reasonable effort to provide the operation of all free digital supplementary services in accordance with the representations in the operating instructions of the products, including but not limited to app and cloud functions. go-e does not, however, guarantee that these will always function error-free, fully available and without interruption. go-e GmbH does not provide any manufacturer's guarantee, statutory warranty or assurance for these digital additional functions, but will endeavor to provide a workaround or update to rectify errors or eliminate faults free of charge within a reasonable period of time following an error/fault report by the customer. The customer’s report can be made by telephone during go-e business hours, by e-mail to office@go-e.com or by using the contact form on the go-e website. go-e shall be entitled to apply restrictions for the elimination of errors/malfunctions and/or workarounds, as well as to postpone the elimination of errors/malfunctions until the release of an update. In order to fulfill this obligation, go-e GmbH is entitled to suspend the digital supplementary services due to planned or unplanned maintenance work, which is why go-e does not guarantee that the digital services will be available without restriction at any given time.

7. Claims arising from this guarantee shall be governed exclusively by Austrian law, excluding the conflict of laws provisions, in particular the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.


*60 months manufacturer's guarantee for go-e Charger Gemini series in UK, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland.

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