go-e Controller

The go-e controller enables you to improve self-consumption from your PV system and ensures with dynamic load balancing that your house connection is not overloaded.

  • Photovoltaics
  • Automatic phase switching
  • Dynamic load management
  • Load Balancing
  • Energy monitoring
  • Peak shaving
  • App
  • Charging Control
  • API
  • Wifi & Hotspot
  • Ethernet
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Get the most out of your solar panels


Surplus electricity from your PV system is optimally used for charging or for other consumers according to your needs. Increase your own consumption: Charge more intelligently and at lower costs.


Dynamic load balancing - Takes care of your power grid


The controller measures which currents are currently flowing in your building at any time, automatically reduces the charging power when required and thus ensures that your grid will not be overloaded.


Peak Shaving


Temporary power peaks can increase usage fees depending on your electricity tariff. The controller ensures that you do not exceed defined consumption limits and thus keep your costs under control.


Charging at a new level


Once installed, configured in a few steps and connected to the network via Ethernet or WiFi, the controller performs its tasks automatically. You can manage it via App.


PV Surplus Charging Pays Off


You can use the go-e Controller with all types of PV inverters (see datasheet) and ac electricity storage solutions. Whether you're an experienced user or new to solar power, the go-e Controller is the perfect choice.


Charging Has Never Been Safer


Charging several cars simultaneously? Using various house appliances while charging your car? The go-e Controller will ensure your vehicle receives the safe amount of energy - because who needs blackouts, right?


User-friendly, with Additional Features for Experts


For professional users, the controller offers additional interfaces like local HTTP API, Modbus TCP and MQTT. Get even more control with the optionally usable cloud connection.


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Smart Charging with go-e App


  • Free download
  • Monitor and change charging status at any time
  • Adapt charging processes to personal requirements
  • Personalisation, authorisation and reading electricity metre
  • Many other smart comfort and security settings
  • Available in different languages

Technical Specifications



  • Every PV inverter (see datasheet) and ac battery storage solution

  • Every go-e Charger (Gemini series, HOME series (V2 and V3))


  • Energy monitoring

  • PV surplus optimization with automatic 1-/3-phase switching (Gemini series + HOME series V3)

  • Dynamic load balancing

  • Peak Shaving

Scope of delivery

  • go-e Controller: 4 division units with colour display, push-buttons for menu navigation and brightness sensor

  • 6 current transformers (sensors), foldable


  • Ethernet 802.3

  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 2,4GHz

  • WiFi hotspot


  • go-e App

  • Buttons + display on device

  • HTTP API (Local + Cloud), MQTT

  • Modbus TCP

Measurement functions

  • 4 inlets for voltage measurement for L1, L2, L3 and N - 400 V (three-phase connection) or 230 V (single-phase connection)

  • 6 inlets for current measurement - Rated current with supplied current transformers 100 A : 50 mA:


  • WxHxD: approx. 72 x 90 (without connectors) x 61 mm

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