Subsidies for Charging Stations in Germany

Nov 23, 2021

Germany Subsidies Charging Stations for Companies and Municipalities

Last updated: Aug 26, 20222 minutes read

KfW grant 441 / 439 for go-eCharger HOMEfix

From now on, German companies and municipalities can get a maximum of 900 euros back from the state for each newly installed go-eCharger HOMEfix 11 kW or 22 kW. This is because the stationary wallbox for electric vehicles from go-e is on the list of eligible charging stations for two newly launched KfW funding programmes. Companies can apply for the 441 grant to invest in their own charging infrastructure, while municipalities can receive support for the purchase of charging stations for electric cars from KfW through the 439 grant. The funding application has to be submitted and approved prior to the purchase and installation of the charger. Since KfW only subsidises stationary charging stations, our mobile wallbox go-eCharger HOME+ is unfortunately not eligible for funding.


Grant for charging stations not accessible to the public

Within the framework of both programmes, KfW supports the purchase and installation of charging stations for electric vehicles, which may only be used for charging the company’s own vehicle fleet as well as the private electric cars of employees. All ancillary work and supplementary system products required for the installation can also be accounted for within the framework of the subsidy. This includes, for example, the purchase of an energy management system (e.g. for connection to the PV system) or battery storage, the electrical connection, any earthworks required or upgrades to the electrical systems of the building. Within the scope of the funding, the charging station may only be installed at a German location and must be carried out by a qualified company. It is also necessary to prove that 100 % of the charging current used comes from renewable energies. In addition, each charging station funded by KfW must be used for the intended purpose for six years from the time of commissioning.


Further details on the KfW funding programme for companies (grant 441)

With the 441 grant, KfW supports privately owned companies, municipal companies, public corporations and institutions, non-profit organisations, sole traders and freelancers. A grant of 70 % of the total eligible costs for one or more charging points is paid out (one charging point corresponds to one go-eCharger). However, at least 1,285.71 euros must be verified as the total costs. KfW will only pay out a lump sum of 900 euros if the total invoices for the purchase of the charging station and its installation, including additional and ancillary services, reach this minimum amount (provided the funding was applied for for exactly one charging point). After this threshold is exceeded, 70 % of the eligible costs are paid out for each additional charging station up to a maximum value of 900 euros per charger. KfW transfers a maximum of 45,000 euros as a subsidy per company location, which corresponds to 50 subsidised charging stations.


From the funding application to the disbursement of the KfW grant 441

You need to apply for the KfW subsidy for companies before ordering or purchasing the charging station. It is not necessary to obtain a quote from the vendor or installer.
A positive answer from KfW is the starting signal for you to purchase the desired charging station for electric vehicles.
After installing and commissioning the go-eCharger, you need to register it via the online platform OBELIS of NOW GmbH. You will need the reporting ID generated in this process to receive the subsidy from KfW.
You then submit an application for payment of the KfW funding in the KfW grants portal. In doing so, you must confirm the proper realisation of the purchase and installation of the charging station, enter the reporting ID received from NOW GmbH and upload all invoices and proof of the project. However, according to KfW, you will probably not be able to submit these until the end of February 2022.


Further details on the KfW funding programme for municipalities (grant 439)

Municipalities, administrative districts and cities as well as their legally dependent municipal enterprises can apply for the subsidy. Municipal special-purpose associations are also eligible to apply. However, the subsidy must be applied for for at least 10 charging stations, which corresponds to a subsidy amount of 9,000 euros. If a municipality’s own needs are lower, it can join forces with other eligible applicants and submit a joint application for 10 charging stations. The total cost of the project, i.e. the purchase of the charging stations plus necessary ancillary work, must reach at least 12,857.14 euros for 10 charging stations. After exceeding this amount, KfW will pay out 70 % of the eligible costs for each additional charging station, but a maximum of 900 euros per wallbox. The application for grant 439 also has to be submitted prior to the purchase and installation of the charging stations.

KfW only approves funding applications within the budget provided by the German Ministry of Transport. This amounts to around 300 million euros for KfW grant 441. Further information on the eligible go-eCharger HOMEfix can be found here.

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