RFID-Card for Your Wallbox

Sep 20, 2022

RFID Card/RFID Chip for Your Wallbox

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You can install your wallbox either in your garage or in a freely accessible location, such as your driveway.

If you install your wallbox in a place that is accessible to strangers, you probably don't want it to be used without permission, right?

This is where the RFID card or RFID chip comes into play.

This article explains what an RFID card is, how it works and what you can do with it.

What does RFID Mean and How does it Work?

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification and is used for contactless, encrypted data exchange.

The RFID system consists of an RFID transponder and an RFID reader. The transponder is integrated in the RFID card or RFID chip on which certain data can be stored. When you hold the card to an RFID reader, the data can be read out via electromagnetic waves.

RFID-System: Transponder and Reader

When is a Wallbox with RFID Card or RFID Chip Useful?

A wallbox with RFID function is used to restrict and personalise access to the wallbox. This is mainly relevant in the following three cases:

Case #1: RFID card or RFID chip for private individuals 

RFID function for access restriction

If you have installed a wallbox in a freely accessible place, you probably don't want everyone to be able to use your charging station, right?

In this case, you need an RFID card because it is used to restrict access.

Simply hold your RFID card near your wallbox so that the access management information can be read and used to identify you. This way, no one can use your wallbox without authorisation.

If you want to grant access to neighbours, family, or friends, that's no problem. They also need an RFID card or an RFID chip. When the person holds the RFID card to the charging station, the person is authorised to charge.

RFID-Cards for to Share your Wallbox

Important: All RFID cards or RFID chips must be tuned in before they are used for the first time. Only then can the wallbox read the information and identify the user. The go-e Charger comes with a pre-programmed RFID chip.

For wallboxes that are not publicly accessible, you do not normally need an RFID function.

Case #2: RFID card or RFID chip for companies and commercial enterprises

For charging stations used in office buildings, for example, an RFID function is basically standard. As an entrepreneur, you can use this to ensure that only authorised persons, for example, only employees, can use the charging stations.

RFID for charging stations at work

Case #3: RFID card or RFID chip to account for charging processes

Wallboxes with RFID cards or RFID chips can not only limit charging processes but also help to record, evaluate and bill the charging processes for each electric car separately. This can be particularly advantageous in situations where you are legally obliged to log the electricity consumption per charging process and electric car or you want to offer charging processes with your private wallbox to certain people for a fee.

With our go-e Charger, you can also read out information about the connection and charging in the associated go-e Charger app, for example to check the voltage, charging current and charging power of the individual phases.

If you want to bill your employer for the charging process of your e-company car, your wallbox must also be equipped with an MID meter.

What does a Wallbox with RFID Function Cost?

The charging stations on the market that are equipped with an RFID function cost between 550 EUR and 2000 EUR. Our go-e Chargers are priced between 649 EUR and 759 EUR.

Wallbox with RFID - Cost of go-e Charger Gemini 11kW

The go-e Charger is equipped with an RFID function

Our go-e Chargers are equipped with an RFID function. You can therefore restrict access to the charging station if you wish. A total of up to 10 users can be created in the go-e app.

The go-e Charger also allows you to export data for the different users as a CSV file.

By default, you can also charge without RFID authorisation. This can be adapted to your wishes in the go-e Charger app.

Where can I get an RFID Card or RFID Chip for my Wallbox?

When you buy a go-e Charger, a go-e RFID chip is automatically included. However, you can also buy additional go-e RFID chips if you want to grant family members, friends or neighbours access to your Wallbox.

If you want to buy additional RFID chips, you can do so in our go-e Online Shop.

Which RFID Cards or RFID Chips can I Use?

In the case of our go-e Chargers, most RFID cards or RFID chips can be taught. This means, for example, that you can also use your EC or ATM card. If you do not succeed in programming it into the charger, the RFID chip on your card is not transmitting at the required frequency of 13.56 MHz.

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