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Feb 3, 2023

Controller from go-e lets electric cars charge even more intelligently

Last updated: May 11, 2023

Vienna/Stockholm (OTS): The charging technology specialist go-e manages the energy flows of buildings with a new product to optimise the charging of electric cars. "The go-e Controller provides a graphical representation of electricity consumption in real time and in the past," says founder Peter Pötzi of go-e with a smile." It is used to collect measured values in an electrical distribution system and make them available in a network. Thus, depending on the position of the sun and the current power demand, charging processes on the car can be smartly controlled."

Once the PV system is on the roof, homeowners do everything they can to maximise the consumption of their own power. This can be achieved by starting and stopping the charging of electric cars at the right time. Understanding the impact of energy flows over time requires a comprehensive picture of solar power generation, distribution, and consumption. This task is handled automatically by the controller. In addition to PV surplus control, the built-in device can thus also implement dynamic load balancing with chargers from go-e. As a result, the house connection is always balanced, even with many electricity consumers running simultaneously. The controller thus protects against in-house "blackouts" and helps to avoid expensive grid peaks. The go-e Controller permanently transmits the current power values of the system, including battery storage, to all connected go-e Chargers. It controls an unlimited number of chargers so that they charge electric cars when sufficient power is available. With or without electricity from the grid, as desired.

The go-e Controller can be controlled directly via a display. The go-e app makes use even more convenient. Load balancing and surplus charging are easily controllable building standards with the go-e Controller. As always with go-e, the focus here is on user-friendliness and intuitive operation. In the future, even more, complex functions can be realised with the controller via the existing interfaces for additional modules and adapted to your own needs. 


The go-e Controller is compatible with all PV inverters and electricity storage solutions. It is also compatible with all go-e Chargers and the go-e app. The go-e Controller has no shortage of interfaces for connecting to existing solutions: in addition to HTTP API, MQTT and Modbus, a cloud API is also available for integrating the go-e Controller. The optional cloud connection is not necessary for the dynamic load management and PV surplus charging functions.


An electrical installation distributor is recommended as the installation location. If this no longer offers any space, it is also possible to install the go-e Controller in a new surface-mounted or flush-mounted distributor and to lay the connection cables for voltage measurement and current transformers there. The electrician mounts the go-e Controller on a DIN rail. The up to six sensors are simply clipped to the respective loads and assigned to consumer groups. The go-e Controller is connected to the home network via the Ethernet interface or with an existing WIFI.  

Scope of delivery: 

  • go-e Controller 
  • 4 division units wide
  • 320 x 240 pixel color display
  • 4 buttons for menu navigation
  • Brightness sensor
  • 6 sensors, foldable, up to 100 amps
  • WLAN antenna, white, self-adhesive (optionally connectable)
  • Ethernet flat cable 2 m, white (optionally connectable)


The first go-e Controllers are expected to be delivered at the beginning of April 2023.

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