EV Charging Time Calculator

Jul 22, 2022

EV Charging Time Calculator: How Long Does it Take to Charge Your Electric Car?

Last updated: Aug 22, 20221 minutes read

You want to calculate the charging time of your EV? Perfect. Then you've come to the right place.

Simply use our calculator to find out the charging time of your electric car.


Calculator to Calculate the Charging Time of your EV

Calculate Your Charging Time

Car Charging

Determination of approximate values when charging from 0 to 100 %: actual charging time and charging speed may deviate due to rounding differences and external influences. Charging power when charging via household plug is always limited to 2.3 kW. Errors excepted.



Estimated charging time


Maximum charging output


How Do You Calculate the EV Charging Time? - The Formula

Do you want to do the calculation manually? No problem.

Here is the formula (for AC charging) to calculate the charging time of your EV:

Charging Time of Your Electric Car =

battery capacity / charging power of the electric car

Let’s assume you have a car with a 66.5 kWh battery capacity and a three-phase on-board charger that has a max power transfer capacity of 22 kW.

If you charge it with our go-e Charger Gemini flex 22 kW, the battery will go from zero to full in about 3 hours. It is important to remember that the fuller the battery, the slower it charges. Once the battery is 85-90% charged, the charging process becomes extremely slow. Given this, it makes sense to add about 30 minutes to the amount of time you get after using the above formula.

66.5 kWh / 22 kW ≈ 3 h (+ ~ 30 min)

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