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Sep 2, 2022

Setup of the go-e Charger via the App

Last updated: Sep 2, 20224 minutes read

Would you like to set up your go-e Charger to change certain basic settings and use comfort functions, but don't know exactly how?

No problem.

In this blog post we will guide you through the setup step by step.

Download the go-e Charger App

To set up the go-e Charger, you need the go-e Charger app. 

You can download it here:


Set Up Your go-e Charger via the App

Let's start by setting up your go-e Charger.

Please note: There may be small differences depending on the operating system. For some Android and iOS versions, it may be necessary to deactivate mobile data, for example.

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Step 1: Add your go-e Charger in the app

First open the go-e app and add the go-e Charger in the app by pressing the “+” symbol at the top right.

You will now see two choices.

You can either carry out the setup for a new go-e Charger, i.e. for a Charger that has not yet been "taught", or you can add a go-e Charger that has already been set up.

You usually add a go-e Charger that has already been set up if, for example, you have accidentally deleted a charger from the list or if you want to add a charger to a second smartphone of a family member, for example.

In both cases, you must accept the terms and conditions below.

When you click on the initial setup, you must now set up the go-e Charger via hotspot. To do this, either scan the QR code on the reset card provided to connect automatically, or connect to the go-e Charger manually in your mobile device's Wi-Fi settings using the hotspot password from the reset card.

Once you have done this, you will be prompted to connect to the go-e Charger network. After confirmation, you will be returned to the hotspot setup screen.

As soon as “Next” appears on the screen (normally you will see this after only a few seconds), this means that you are connected to the charger’s internal Wi-Fi.

Click on "Next".

If you cannot click on "Next", it could be because the mobile phone has not connected to the charger’s hotspot. Go to your mobile phone’s Wi-Fi settings and check the connection.

If you are not connected, you may need to disable mobile data and disconnect from another Wi-Fi network, if necessary.

Next, either enter the name of the Wi-Fi, i.e. the SSID, or simply select the appropriate Wi-Fi if it is displayed.

Then enter the Wi-Fi password for your Wi-Fi network.

As soon as the connection is established, the home network will be displayed with a blue tick. Click on “Next”.

Step 2: Enter a password

In a second step, you will have to enter a password of your choice, which you will need again later as a token. Then click on “Next”.

Now the setup of the go-e Charger via hotspot is complete.

Step 3: Connect the go-e Charger with the cloud

In the next step, you can connect the charger to the cloud so that you can control the charger remotely or read out the data.

To do this, disconnect the go-e hotspot and, if necessary, also your home network so that the smartphone is only connected to the mobile network. Don't forget to activate mobile data beforehand.

You will now get the information at the top of the screen that the app is not connected to the go-e Charger.

You want to integrate the go-e Charger on another phone?

Click again on the "+" symbol at the top right, confirm the terms and conditions and click on "Add already set up go-e Charger".

In the last step, you must enter the 6-digit serial number with your previously selected password and click on "Connect".


That’s it. 

Now the setup is complete and you can access the charger from anywhere and control it via the cloud.

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