KfW Subsidies for go-eCharger HOMEfix 11 kW

Nov 25, 2020

KfW subsidises charging station go-eCharger HOMEfix 11 kW with 900 euros

Last updated: Aug 26, 20223 minutes read

KfW grants for private charging infrastructure in Germany have been launched: the list of eligible charging stations includes the go-eCharger HOMEfix 11 kW – our purely stationary alternative to the go-eCharger HOME+. Unfortunately, the German grant programme does not offer a subsidy for mobile charging stations, unlike the one in Austria. The KfW subsidizes the purchase of the charger as well as costs for installation and grid connection. Important: Only if the total costs of purchasing the charger and installation amount to at least 900 euros the KfW will pay a flat rate of 900 euros for the installed charging point.


Who can apply for the KfW grant?

The KfW subsidises the go-eCharger HOMEfix 11 kW if you install it on a privately used parking space in a residential building in Germany. This applies to single-family, semi-detached or terraced houses as well as to buildings owned by housing companies, cooperatives and homeowners’ associations. Therefore tenants and landlords also benefit. As a tenant you need the owner’s permission to have the go-eCharger installed at your own expense. However, you will not receive a subsidy for charging points on commercial buildings or holiday homes. Several charging points are also eligible for a grant: For example, after installing two go-eCharger HOMEfix 11 kW, you will receive a grant of 1,800 euros, provided that you have spent at least this amount on the purchase and installation.


How to get the KfW subsidy for charging stations?

  1. First of all, submit the funding application “Grant for the purchase and connection of charging stations”online on KfW grant portal. This is also referred as KfW-Zuschuss 440 there. In some cases, you will need additional documents, e.g. in the case of homeowners’ associations or in the case of letting. An offer from the seller of your wallbox or the installer is not required.
  2. As soon as you have received the confirmation of application from KfW, you must prove your identity by one of the procedures offered. Afterwards you buy the go-eCharger HOMEfix 11 kW and have it installed by a specialist company.
  3. In the final step, you submit all the necessary documents to KfW, including the invoices for the purchase of the charger and the installation, so that the promotional agency can pay you the grant.


Further conditions for German wallbox grants

A combination with other grant funding is only possible in the exceptional cases mentioned by KfW. In addition, applications for funding can be made for existing buildings alone. Are you planning a new building? Then at best you should already have empty conduits laid for the cabling of the charging station. As soon as your new building project is finally completed, you can also apply for a KfW grant for your new wallbox. Here too, the same applies: first apply and have the application confirmed and then buy the go-eCharger HOMEfix 11 kW. The installation of the charging station may only be carried out by qualified personnel and the electricity for the charging process must come from 100 percent renewable energy sources. As you probably do not get your electricity exclusively from your own PV system or other own “green” sources, you will therefore need a corresponding power supply contract. All details can also be found on the KfW website.


How does the intelligent management system requested by KfW work in the go-eCharger?

KfW only subsidises smart charging stations that can be throttled down to 11 kW and intelligently controlled by the grid operator. The go-eCharger is characterised by clever functions such as the timer or stationary load balancing. It also has interfaces, such as the network operator API or Modbus TCP (Modbus TCP from firmware version 0.40 – update via app possible), which allow authorised access to the go-eCharger by the network operator once the charger has been integrated into the WiFi. This serves to control the Charger’s power output for network purposes. If necessary to ensure network stability, the network operator can temporarily reduce the wallbox in steps of 1A.


Installation also possible in freely accessible areas and outdoors

No matter if garage, carport or outdoor parking area in front of the residential building – the go-eCharger HOMEfix with up to 11 kW charging power finds a home anywhere. The IP54 protection class and the robust and UV-resistant high-performance plastic housing ensure weather resistance. If you install the charging station in an area that is accessible to other people, you protect the charger against unauthorised use by RFID. By setting up several RFID accounts, you can also share the Charger with other people. With our recommended retail price of 679 euros, the go-eCharger HOMEfix with a maximum charging capacity of 11 kW offers top equipment at an excellent price-performance ratio. It is available directly from the go-e shop and from a steadily increasing number of go-e retailers.


Update from 27.11.2020 due to many requests:

The go-eCharger HOMEfix 22 kW is not subsidised by KfW, as the external throttling to 11 kW proposed by us would not be permissible. KfW assumes that all devices on the list can be internally throttled to 11 kW, as the manufacturers had to confirm this in advance.

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